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3D Oral Imaging

While digital oral x-rays can capture two-dimensional images of your mouth and teeth, 3D oral imaging provides a full 360-degree view. At Levine Dental, 3D imaging helps Dr. Martine Forrester observe the entire extent of potential oral health conditions or possible damage in your mouth, teeth, and jaws. It's a groundbreaking technology that provides us with a blueprint of your total oral wellness. Not only can 3D oral imaging help us assess any potential dental problems, but it also helps determine the correct treatment. The 3D images can also be used to create more specific dental crowns, onlays, inlays, and implants. This imaging technique allows us to help our patients make informed choices pertaining to their dental treatments.


Similar to dental x-rays, 3D imaging is usually part of your standard dental examination. 3D oral imaging is also commonly used prior to performing cosmetic dental procedures and orthodontic treatments. The actual process is comparable to having an x-ray taken, but when using 3D imaging, the camera will move in a 360-degree motion around your head. The entire process takes less than a minute for a complete mouth view. The images are then uploaded for your dentist to examine and see whether you're dealing with any dental problems that may need therapy. Since the imaging process involves radiation exposure, women who are nursing or pregnant should let us know beforehand.

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